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Advanced in IT Healthcare 

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Through our Master’s in IT Healthcare program, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector and improve appropriate programming skills. You will gain awareness of the information system design and networking and keep up-to-date with the latest healthcare technologies based on IT. Also, you will acquire strong analytical skills, strategic planning abilities and management skills to excel in the IT Healthcare field. The program prepares you to find career opportunities at hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, government agencies, and other healthcare facilities. 

Our Master’s in IT healthcare program allows you to learn more about the automated collection, storage and review of medical knowledge. The program focuses on mechanisms that help increase the quality and efficacy of healthcare and health policy by integrating medical expertise with engineering, informatics and communication systems. You will get expert training in Clinical SAS, HL7 FHIR, Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) etc. 

Number of jobs in the U.S: 75,000+ 

U.S. nationals average salary: $89,899 / Year 

You would receive an industry-recognized certification from Cyber Chasse Academy after the completion of the program. You will also be eligible to pursue industrial certification. Our subject matter experts will provide you with proper guidance and support. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take up this course?

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field. 

What are the prerequisites to learn this course?

Candidates who are interested in IT healthcare field can pursue this program. 


Our Satisfied Students

It was a great program!!! Learned a lot of new things about IT Healthcare. I am happy to pursue this full-fledged course from Cyber Chasse! Thank you! 

Vipin Das 

I was able to grab a job in one of the top healthcare organizations right after completing this program! Thank you, Cyber Chasse, for helping me achieve my dreams! 

Lovely B S

Understanding of Python programming language 

Program and games creation using Python 2 & 3 

Knowledge of GUI creation 

Advanced Python features such as collections module & timestamps 

Students and freshers with interest in coding 

IT professionals looking for a domain with utmost job security 

Non- IT professionals willing to enter into IT with easy coding  

Organizations focusing on leveraging Python on a large scale 

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