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Advanced in Building Information Modeling

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Civil and architecture are one among the very few fields that doesn’t go out of demand. As long as there are humans living on the earth, the need for shelter will always be there. But, with the technological advancements taking place at a faster pace, you need to adopt the latest technology tools to outshine the crowd. BIM is one such tool that helps organizations make informed decisions by providing appropriate information. Our industry expert trainers have diligently curated the course modules to help you understand the concepts from the very basic.  

Number of jobs in the U.S: 3,000+

U.S. nationals average salary: $81,209/ Year 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that is being implemented by construction and architectural companies around the globe. Hence, the demand for certified BIM professionals is continuously increasing over the past few years. That’s why Cyber Chasse Academy has come up with a well-planned curriculum that exposes you to various niche tools such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and 3D modeling. Our ultimate aim is to enable you stay on top by acquiring superior training. 

You would receive an industry-recognized certification from Cyber Chasse Academy after the completion of the program. You will also be eligible to pursue industrial certification. Our subject matter experts will provide you with proper guidance and support. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take up this course?

This course is suitable for, 

Civil and architecture graduates looking for a challenging role    

IT professionals willing to learn 3D designing Job seekers looking out for an in-demand technology job    

Companies interested to have hi-tech teams in house.  

What are the prerequisites to learn this course?

A basic degree in Civil or Architecture would be a plus    


Our Satisfied Students

With a very basic knowledge of civil engineering I started this course, and now I have started my career as a BIM consultant in a mid-size company. All credits to my instructor. 

Neha Kapoor 

I completely enjoyed the interactive sessions and their quizzes that kept me glued to my system throughout and made learning fun and interesting. 

Ziva Syed     

Understanding of Python programming language 

Program and games creation using Python 2 & 3 

Knowledge of GUI creation 

Advanced Python features such as collections module & timestamps 

Students and freshers with interest in coding 

IT professionals looking for a domain with utmost job security 

Non- IT professionals willing to enter into IT with easy coding  

Organizations focusing on leveraging Python on a large scale 

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