Why Should You Learn ELK Stack For A Rewarding Career?

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Although collecting and processing data is crucial to an organization, we can’t neglect the significance of visualizing these data. The ELK stack is one of the highly popular tools in the industry in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. But, why does it play a huge role, and what exactly it does that makes it stand unique? Keep reading to know more. 

What Does ELK Stack Mean? 

ELK is nothing, but the acronym of 3 important open source projects, namely ElasticsearchLogstash, and Kibana 

  • Elasticsearch: It’s a distributed search engine with analytics capabilities. 
  • Logstash: It’s a data processing pipeline that gathers data and delivers it to a stash such as Elasticsearch. 
  • Kibana: It’s a data visualization platform that allows users to view data with graphs and charts in Elasticsearch. 

These 3 components together form a highly scalable, well-integrated, and comprehensive search solutions for organizations regardless of their size.  

Why Organizations Need ELK stack? 

With the humongous amount of data flowing from a multitude of sources, the data tend to pile up, thereby, turning stale. That might cause a serious business issue as the analytics tend to slow down, resulting in torpid insights. That is when ELK stack does the magic. It makes searching and analyzing huge data sets a lot easier and quicker. Now, you can get powerful business insights that help you in making informed decisions.  

4 Major Benefits of ELK Stack 

  • Scalability: One of the critical reasons to go with this tool is it can work with companies of all sizes and can immediately adapt to the changes as the company flourishes. Your company needn’t have better technical infrastructure since it deploys at scale. 
  • Enterprise Search: You can search for anything from any corner of the world. This is because it has the ability to combine all content platforms into a completely customized and effective search experience.    
  • Security: Apart from the internal security of platforms the SIEM gathers relevant security data throughout the enterprise. That, in turn, offers dashboards with rich details that enable close monitoring of security operations. 
  • Observability: The ELK stack highlights real-time logs, metrics, and APM traces within a single view. That allows organizations to easily pick up different opportunities and threats as and when they arise to help respond quickly and profitably.  

Career Scope 

Data analytics is ruling everywhere hence diving into this niche field at this point is the best decision you can make for a better future. With amazing benefits and user-friendly process, ELK stack maintains to top the list of future-safe careers. So, choosing a career in this domain will open a wide array of opportunities across the globe.  

The best part is the remuneration organizations are ready to offer to certified candidates. Curious to know how much you can make? Well, you can earn a jaw-dropping package of around USD 123,563 annually. Besides, do you know how many vacancies are there currently in the US alone? Over 20,000 openings waiting for a certified Elasticsearch professional. So, get ready for a career-changing opportunity. 

Bottom Line 

As you are aware that organizations rely largely on data these days, it is evident that the demand for data collection, processing, and visualization would be skyrocketing in the upcoming days. That’s why we at Cyber Chasse Learning Academy have curated the ELK stack course carefully. The objective of this course is to understand the concepts and usage of this tool from scratch. Hence, this course is open to anyone interested to learn and upgrade themselves. So, enroll for this course today and enjoy a great career path. 

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