Which SIEM Tool Does Organizations Largely Rely On?

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The SIEM tool put together the functionalities of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM), thereby, giving birth to Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM). This, in turn, offers real-time analysis of security alerts that are triggered by network hardware and applications. Besides, it includes Security Log management, event correlation, information management, and many more.  

The prime reason to incorporate SIEM is to perform tasks such as threat surveillance, incident response, and event correlation by scrutinizing the event and log data in real-time. This is why organizations of all sizes rely on SIEM tools to protect their sensitive business data. Let’s look deep into some of the trending tools to understand their unique features.  

How To Choose The Best SIEM Tool For A Business? 

Every SIEM tool ingests data from various sources, interpret the data, send security alerts, do analytics, and render a comprehensive summary. These are some of the common characteristics they exhibit. However, not every tool is the same and they obviously differ from each other based on the following factors. These factors help organizations choose the right tool.  

1. Log Collection Improvement 

Software with enhanced log collection and management abilities is highly crucial. Also, it should be compatible with devices and systems along with a user-friendly dashboard.  

2. Compliance Achievement 

A SIEM tool that enables compliance establishment helps businesses play safely in the industry. So, the one that supports auditing and reporting should be given priority. 

3. Automated Responses 

The incident response should be fast and highly effective to not miss out on any security threats. Customizable security alerts help businesses escape vulnerabilities.  

4. Historical Pattern Analyzation

The major advantage of the SIEM tool is it helps in understanding the past events to get notified of similar activity in the future. Hence, pay attention to drill-down analytics ability.  

Know Which SIEM Tool You Should Learn 

Although there are several SIEM tools available in the market, we have hand-picked the top 3 tools that are trending in the market in 2020. These are expected to attract thousands of businesses, thereby, demanding a huge number of certified SIEM tool professionals.  

1. Splunk Enterprise Security 

Splunk aids in statistical analysis, personalized dashboards, asset investigation, and many other enhanced security operations. It also provides incident classification, investigation, and review to initiate an accurate response. This SIEM tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes and it offers services to healthcare, public sector, and financial services.  

2. ArcSight 

This open architecture SIEM tool can ingest data from an array of sources, and organizations can use their structured data even outside of Arcsight to help more IT teams. It can be incorporated into multiple AI and ML platforms. What’s more? ArcSight is playing a significant role in blocking threats and improving performance.  

3. QRadar

This is highly reliable for organizations that want to integrate a vast range of logs throughout their critical systems. QRadar offers end-to-end security monitoring for an entire IT infrastructure. To be more precise, it’s a versatile and scalable tool with several unique functionalities and presets for various use cases. 

Bottom Line 

Although the features differ for different SIEM tool, paying more attention to individual product’s pros and cons would help organizations make informed decisions. However, gaining a good knowledge of any of these tools would help candidates understand the core concepts of SIEM tools well. This, in turn, would help you land a safe and interesting job as the demand for certified professionals in this field is rapidly increasing. 

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