Scope of Career in Splunk – Best Course for a Promising Future

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A career in Splunk guarantees a bright future as it is one of the most sought after tools in the industry currently. Do you wonder why there is so much buzz about Splunk recently? It gives intelligent insights about customers, their trends & patterns, behavior, etc. from the unstructured data.

Yes, you read it right! Unstructured data is not ‘waste’ data anymore. Apparently, it is the treasure house that gives additional information required by organizations. So, in this blog, let’s understand the promising career opportunities and growth Splunk offers.

What is Splunk?

Organizations leverage Splunk, cutting-edge technology tool to monitor and analyze the enormous amount of data generated by various departments and processes. Besides, it combines and processes this big data regardless of location or format to enable organizations to gain useful information.

It also outlines the relationship between events and activities from logs, cloud servers, web servers, custom applications, among others. This has led to the sudden proliferation of Splunk in the industry, thereby creating a huge demand for a career in Splunk.

Career in Splunk

According to Forbes, big data jobs related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and unstructured data shows significant growth percentages of above 704% globally over the last few years. This implies that a lucrative salary is assured if you set up a career in Splunk irrespective of your experience. Some of the specific job roles related to Splunk includes,

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Computer Networking Engineer
  3. Security Engineer
  4. Solutions Architect
  5. Senior Systems Engineer
  6. Programming Analyst
  7. Technical Services Manager

The average annual salary of Splunk positions in the US ranges from $68,000 to $148,000, which shows that even an entry-level position offers a fancy package.

Industries that Leverages Splunk

Almost all organizations that deal with elephantine volumes of data can leverage Splunk. Also, the career in Splunk doesn’t seem to cease in any of the sectors recently. However, the following are the few industries that largely rely on Splunk.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Information Technology
  3. Finance & Insurance
  4. Technical Services
  5. Retail & E-commerce

It also extends its support to government agencies, universities, and service providers in every country around the globe. As a consequence, more than 9000 businesses currently use Splunk to gain in-depth knowledge of their customers and business, mitigate risks, minimize costs, and enhance overall performance. So, you can witness exponential growth in Splunk adoption across the globe.

How to Start a Career in Splunk?

If you are fascinated by the career opportunities Splunk offers and want to set up a successful career path, start learning Splunk. The three main roles in Splunk career are Administrator, Architect, and Developer. These jobs have different roles and responsibilities that vary to some extent, hence it is important to decide which interests you the most.

Therefore, take up the Splunk course accordingly, and if you are looking for a reliable online academy in the US to learn Splunk, visit Cyber Chasse Learning Academy. It offers a professional yet free consultation to let you choose the right course.

Future for Splunk

Currently, businesses derive insights only from 7% of data, which indeed is not enough to skyrocket the profits. On the other hand, large volumes of unstructured data continue to pile up, and it is expected that by 2022, around 93% of all the data available will be unstructured.

These existing volumes of unstructured data are not being managed and stored efficiently. This simply shows how organizations are going to hunt for efficient Splunk professionals soon. Thus, setting up a career in Splunk would be the wisest decision one can make.

Bottom Line

The relentless growth of unstructured data and the pressing need for skilled Splunk professionals offer a promising career in Splunk. If you are already a certified Splunk professional and are currently looking for a job in the US, get yourself registered with Cyber Chasse Staffing Services to land in your dream job in one of the Fortune 500 companies. But, if you are new to Splunk and want to pursue a career in it, we at Cyber Chasse Learning Academy offer you well-curated courses to assure you a job quickly.

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