Palo Alto Networks – Is This Certification Worth It?

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As organizations grow to a large size by expanding globally, they can’t rely just on on-premise security. Hence, they push a significant part of their business data and apps to cloud-based security infrastructure such as the Palo Alto Networks. This opens a lot of new opportunities for certified Palo Alto network engineers due to ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. That’s why a lot of young graduates and professionals opt for the Palo Alto certification.  

What The Palo Alto Networks Is All About? 

The Palo Alto Networks render an exclusive cybersecurity platform to enable network and cloud security, endpoint protection, and several other cloud-based security services. Its prime objective is to eliminate potential cyberattacks, mitigate risks, and develop security infrastructure. Besides, it offers pocket-friendly multi-tenant security services, which appreciate scaling and licensing. Therefore, one can easily control security policies and give or restrict access to users. 

Why Do You Need This Certification?

With a Palo Alto certification from a reputed institution, you can help organizations validate your knowledge in security management, especially using Palo Alto. This would help you a lot in climbing the ladder within the IT security domain. The reason being that Palo Alto Networks is recognized globally as a best-in-class cybersecurity product.  

You’ll become a pro in demonstrating the skills necessary to safeguard the internet on completing the Palo Alto course. However, you have three levels of certification to evolve as an expert. It includes PCCSA, PCNSA, and PCNSE examinations. On successful completion of this course, you may not have to be worried about getting a job. This is because the demand for certified Palo Alto candidates is getting increased largely.  

Unique Features Of Palo Alto

  • The access control is highly effective in application type when app identification is much more than the protocol and port number. 
  • The App-ID service blocks apps and behaviors that are highly risky. 
  • The User-ID service enables configuration and enforcement of firewall policies.  
  • User and group info to the firewall can be communicated using directory servers like eDirectory, Open LDAP, SunOne, and Microsoft Active Directory. 
  • With the support of apps and traffic sources threat prevention can be greatly enhanced. 
  • Access to inappropriate websites can be restricted by filtering outbound connections. 
  • Visualization of logs and reports gives a clear picture of app traffic and security incidences.   

Career Scope Of Palo Alto 

The demand for network engineers is highly increasing ever since organizations began depending upon the internet. This is due to the potential threats associated with networks and servers. Organizations require qualified professionals to protect their sensitive data and applications from vulnerable hackers. Now, you know why you need to take up this course, don’t you? Over 25,000 vacancies are there in the US alone, but of course, there are several thousand across the globe. What’s more? You can make around USD 1,20,000 per annum. 

Bottom Line 

The cybersecurity industry is advancing at a fast pace. Hence, this is the right time to make the utmost use of it. If you wish to pursue a career in network security or wish to have a career shift, Palo Alto certification is the right course for you. That’s the reason why Cyber Chasse Learning Academy offers super-fun extensive course to make you a pro in Palo Alto. So, get in touch with us today to enroll in this life-changing course.  

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