CyberArk Fundamentals

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Security breaches are happening at an alarming rate making increased cybersecurity a priority for organizations big and small. Data security is no longer only an IT issue and requires business leaders to implement new robust security technologies in order to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

With today’s workforce accessing data from several different platforms and virtual locations, keeping an eye on privileged access has never been more important. Additionally, while collaborating with a variety of stakeholders such as internal and external staff, suppliers and third-party vendors has become easy, it brings with it the need for increased security in order to keep sensitive information secure.

CyberArk is a revolutionary software that aids in control over privileged account access. In this blog we discuss CyberArk fundamentals and its Privileged Access Security Solutions that protect systems that are accessed by privileged account users.

What is CyberArk

We start CyberArk fundamentals with what CyberArk as a software is. CyberArk is a global leader in privileged account security with solutions to protect sensitive data, organization assets and infrastructure across the enterprise, cloud and the DevOps process. It provides the most comprehensive solutions to reduce risks created through internal and external privileged credentials. It is headquartered in Petach Tikva, Israel with U.S. headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts.

CyberArk is known to be the best solution for organizations that are looking to get tighter controls on people that connect to privileged accounts. It comprises of a set of solutions that are designed to ensure the safety of devices, accounts, and passwords through the Privileged Access Security Solution discussed below.

Core Privileged Access Security (PAS)

The Core PAS solution consolidates Privileged Threat Analytics, Privileged Session Manager and Enterprise Password Vault to protect the most critical assets of an organization. It offers Standard Core PAS and Advanced Core PAS. Standard Core PAS conducts risk-based credential protection and session management to prevent and mitigate attacks on privileged access. Advanced Core PAS are integrated in the Standard Core PAS to provide an extensive security solution for audit and compliance across on-premise, hybrid and cloud platforms.


Alero provides quick, secure, and easy access to CyberArk for remote workers and vendors. It doesn’t require a VPN, agent or passwords providing remote vendors only access to what they need by enabling secure remote vendor access through adaptive biometric authentication. Alero is available for download on iOS and Android and can be quickly and easily deployed for remote workers.

Application Access Manager

As the title suggests, Application Access Manager controls, manages and audits non-human privileged access for applications, containers, tools, and DevOps.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager is designed to reduce risks of unmanaged admin access on endpoints. It adds a critical protection layer to strengthen existing endpoint security by containing breaches and attacks at the endpoint.

CyberArk Privilege Cloud

The CyberArk Privilege Cloud is a solution delivered as SaaS that provides a simple secure solution to store, isolate and rotate credentials, monitor and audit events and sessions and deliver effective risk reduction solutions.


As is evident above, CyberArk provides comprehensive and innovative security solutions to meet current and future organizational needs. It is known to deliver the most thorough security solutions to reduce and mitigate risks generated by privileged credentials and access making it an in-demand skill to have for IT professionals.

Cybersecurity training programs at Cyber Chasse can help you build fundamental to advanced skills in emerging technologies such as CyberArk. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet in the fundamentals or wanting to prepare for industry-recognized certifications or even master software-specific skills, Cyber Chasse can help.