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Intermediate in Blockchain Development (FinTech)

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Our PG Diploma in Blockchain Development is a comprehensive program that aims to provide in-depth practical knowledge of Blockchain technology. As the market for Blockchain Developers grows, this credential will give you a competitive edge by giving employers trust in your ability. The program will give you an overview of Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Multichain blockchain platforms etc. You will understand Blockchain technology profoundly and learn to build Blockchain-based applications.

Number of jobs in the U.S: 18,000+

U.S. nationals average salary: $ 101,785/ Year 

Our PG Diploma in Blockchain development is an in-depth program that will make you competent enough to specialize in creating and implementing technical solutions for organizations with a Blockchain Technology. Concepts of blockchain technology, Conflict resolution, Blockchain types etc. are some of the topics covered in this program.

After the completion of the course, you will attain a certificate of completion from Cyber Chasse. This will make you eligible to pursue an industrial certification. Also, you will get the necessary guidance from our subject matter experts.


Course Includes

Design and architecture of software systems

Software engineering for the cloud

Blockchain development

Internet of Things (IoT)


Kick-start your career

Internship Certificate

 Vendor Certification  

 Internship Program

  Live Ongoing Projects

Understanding of Python programming language 

Program and games creation using Python 2 & 3 

Knowledge of GUI creation 

Advanced Python features such as collections module & timestamps 

Students and freshers with interest in coding 

IT professionals looking for a domain with utmost job security 

Non- IT professionals willing to enter into IT with easy coding  

Organizations focusing on leveraging Python on a large scale 


Tools Covered

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Our PG Diploma certificate in Blockchain Development is industry-recognized.

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The certification will make you proficient enough to ensure a career in blockchain development. 

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You can showcase your achievement in various job portals and enhance your job prospects.


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Our Satisfied Students

A fantastic course! It is a thorough program that helps newcomers like me better understand the landscape of this technology, including how it works in its current state and future use cases. Thank you!

Mariya John

Great course-structure! I would definitely recommend this course to all who want to have an in-depth understanding of Blockchain development.

Leo Paul

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