Secure Significant Data from Advanced Threats

Forcepoint NGFW certification course will allow you to learn how to install, configure, manage, and support Stonesoft NGFW. Our extensive training, demonstration, and hands-on practice exercises will explain you the requirements and recommendations needed to successfully deploy Stonesoft NGFW in a multitude of network environments. You’ll gain significant experience in formulating security rules and policies, effectively managing users and authentication, configuring VPNs, understanding multi-link technology, reviewing deep traffic, executing common administration tasks, and standing observation & coverage. 

Featured Courses

Forcepoint DLP Administrator (Virtual) Course

The Forcepoint DLP Administrator course is designed for people who will learn how to test an existing deployment, how to administer policies and reports, handle incidents and endpoints, upgrade and manage the Forcepoint DLP system.

Forcepoint Web Security System Engineer (Virtual) Course

The Forcepoint Web Security System Engineer course is designed for people who will manage or lead system engineering development of Forcepoint Web Security that involves deployment planning, advanced configuration, troubleshooting, and debugging procedures.

Forcepoint NGFW Administrator (Virtual) Course

In this 16-hour hands-on virtual instructor-led training (VILT) course, you will learn the skills needed to practice as a system administrator responsible for installation, configuration, administration, and support of the Forcepoint NGFW.

This ForcePoint course is mainly for individuals focussed on identifying and safeguarding sensitive data and offering actionable forensic insights into incidences on end-point devices on or off-network. With this course, you can become a pro in protecting critical data against data theft and sophisticated hacks.  

Holding a Forcepoint certificate will let you be a top player in the industry as it has a great value in any corner of the world as data security is a major concern everywhere. Enroll with Cyber Chasse Learning Academy today and enjoy a great career in the world of data. 

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Experienced Instructors
Standard Curriculum
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