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We are sorry to see you go

We have easy cancellation conditions to help you get the full refund. All you have to do is, fill the form below and our team would contact you shortly. Please read the refund policy for refund eligibility, before sending your request .

No Questions Asked Cancellation  

Here are a few scenarios for you to better understand under what circumstances Cyber Chasse Learning Academy appreciates cancellation.  

A cancellation is accepted and refund is initiated only when you pay for a course and raise a refund request from your registered email address within 3 days of registration and before the commencement of the online course 

If you enroll today for a course that commences tomorrow, then you should apply for cancellation before EOD today as cancellation and refund won’t be encouraged once the course commences.  

Regardless of the course commencement date, you need to request for cancellation within 3 days after enrolment.  

For more information, please refer to our payment policy

Quick and Easy Cancellation 

We understand that you are cancelling this course for a valid reason. Simply fill this form and your request will be accepted if it aligns with our cancellation policy.  

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