Benefits of Online Training: Top 10 Facts and Statistics

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Online training is the latest trend followed by many schools, universities, institutions, and even by big corporate companies. This is due to the easy availability of mobile technologies that changed the training perspective drastically. The specialty of online mode of education is that it offers numerous advantages to both the learners as well as organizers. If you still doubt the benefits of e-learning, then the following facts can help you gain some useful insights.

Facts and Statistics Related to Online Training

  1. E-learning or online training is more than 20 years old and the word e-learning was stamped in 1998. It has evolved continuously and radically since then transforming the training process drastically.
  2. Learning online requires comparatively 40-60% less employee time than classroom training, says a Brandon-Hall Study. This is because the training can be offered whenever the student requires it. This, in turn, avoids interrupting the workflow. Hence, time is saved while improving the quality of learning.
  3. In companies, the retention rates have found to increase from 25% to 60%. This is achieved through e-learning compared to the classroom training according to the Research Institute of America. This is because the students have the opportunity to revisit the online training page.
  4. Many large organizations say that knowledge gets translated into revenue. Approximately 42% of companies accept that online mode has increased the revenue significantly as per the executive report – The Ambient Insight 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market.
  5. An IBM study says, every single dollar invested in training online ensues in $30 in productivity. This is because workers can implement what they learned in real-time. Such a process is more relevant to sales-related employees as time drained in the field is directly proportional to the dollars earned.
  6. In 2010, roughly 460,000 students were learning at least one class online. By 2014, this skyrocketed to 18,650,000 students. Currently, almost half the population of a class is taking up training online.
  7. According to Brandon-Hall and Rosenberg 2001, the courses offered online are shorter by up to 25-60% than traditional training. Although it’s short, it is considered as more powerful and knowledge retention is found to be high.
  8. In tech-savvy companies, most of the advanced training is offered through online training programs. Currently, around 75-80% of technology-related training is offered online in many of the fortune 500 companies.
  9. According to Dave Evans, IBM spared around $200 million after shifting to online mode. By adopting e-learning, companies can minimize the cost involved in hotels, travel, instructors, and equipment.
  10. Over 70% of the global e-learning industry results from the US and Europe. It is still developing faster round the globe. The e-learning or online training industry is expected to mint $200 billion from Corporate training alone.

Bottom Line

The online training program is majorly adopted for the flexibility it offers. Also, it is known to be highly convenient and economical comparatively. Besides, it saves time and offers customized courses designed based on one’s needs. So, if you would like to pursue a cutting-edge course or wants to offer a training program to your employees, contact Cyber Chasse Learning Academy.

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