7 Cyber Security Tools Every Analyst Needs to Know About

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With the rise of too many hackers from every corner of the globe, protecting the sensitive data with the help of security tools have become the topmost priority. Every organization strives hard to take preventive measures to escape from data loss and data breach. Though it is hard to find a solid way to eliminate these security risks, it is possible to improve security and minimize the risk. There is no particular app that can secure every organization. Therefore, below are 7 chief security tools that every analyst needs to know about.

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7 Important Cyber Security Tools

The security tools are generally classified into many types depending upon the requirements of an organization. It is segregated under vulnerability management, password managers, antivirus soft wares, and so on.

1. SpyBot

It is a vulnerability management tool that works with antivirus soft wares to secure your organization from Trojans, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, adware, and many other risks. It is a unique software developed with flexibility. SpyBot offers various plans with different features and costs for both business and private users.

2. Webroot Endpoint Protection

This is a cloud-based security platform. It safeguards all types of devices thereby making it suitable for both individual and business needs. Webroot Endpoint Protection offers real-time protection against threats. Besides, it also renders predictive threat intelligence. The networks and endpoints are secured with multi-vector protection.

3. Norton Security Tool

Norton security, one of the popular security tool offers a one-stop solution through Norton 360. It secures your network and system from viruses, spyware, trojans, malware, and other such threats. The chief feature of Norton Security is that it gives 5-layer protection to identify and block threats. They offer a very simple and secure solution to manage passwords and cloud backup services.

4. 1Password

1Password is a password manager tool that is named right based on its purpose. The main feature it offers is that the information is completely encrypted before being sent to 1Password. This is referred to as zero-knowledge. A secret key that links a randomly generated key with the master key or password is used to make sure that the password is unbreakable. Hence, it is used to securely share data such as passwords and other critical data within an organization.

5. Malwarebytes Security Tool

Malwarebytes provides varied security solutions. It brings multiple technologies together under a single multi-layer defense service. Malwarebyte is a security tool that offers endpoint protection to help your organization actively safeguard from all forms of malware. It can scan for malware and remediate, thereby reducing the dwell time and avoiding the need for endpoint re-imaging.

6. Keeper

Keeper is one of the security tools that is used to secure data and files using a strong password. This enables an organization to safely share sensitive information and records within the teams. The major advantage of Keeper is that it lets businesses enforce password policies and supervise password compliance. Also, it can autofill login credentials safely and swiftly.

7. Atera

This is one of the vulnerability management security tools. It offers the real-time status of the network and IP monitoring, system resources, SNMP monitoring, logged-in users, windows updates, and many more. Atera is a customizable tool and hence one can decide which type of alert should be notified via e-mail. Besides, it includes various features such as asset and inventory management, IT automation, patch management, reporting, and analytics, etc.

Bottom Line

A security breach is a serious issue as it can topple down any organization when not taken seriously. It is wise to safeguard your network, devices, people, and the company as a whole. Hence, the above-mentioned security tools can help every analyst in every organization to secure their sensitive information.